Founded by Jason Kasuto, MONASA Advisory & Associates has grown into a fully fledged leading research and advisory firm. MONASA was born out of the realisation that while economies are challenged with achieving inclusive growth, the gap lies in generating accurate data that produces knowledge. This knowledge, in turn, generates insights that lead to best possible decision making for private & public sector entities. MONASA exists to fill that gap, for the purpose of transforming society.

Our purpose is to deliver solutions that transform economies and societies, through ground-breaking research, market intelligence and management consulting.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in the socio-economic transformation of society.

Our Mission

To support our clients as partners and to build a firm that develops and retains exceptional people.

Four Reasons Why Us

  1. The leading Namibian research and advisory firm, working with public and private sector actors on their most important strategic questions, acting and committed to bringing our best experts and expertise to support you.
  2. Deep understanding of the local economic, social and political context. Rooted in strong relationships with key stakeholders in both private and public sector.
  3. Thorough understanding of relevant Namibian regulation, policy and attuned to local stakeholder sensitivities and priorities.
  4. In house Namibia social accounting matrix (SAM), developed by our associates and is currently the most accepted quantitative socio economic impact assessment tool in Namibia.

Talk to us!

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Email: info@monasa.org

Office location: 44 Dr. Kuaima Riruako & Grieg Street, Windhoek, Namibia